Weclome to Relative Worlds!

If you’re finding this site in June/July 2016 it’s probably because you heard about the art being done for this audio drama universe. The show itself is expected to be released some time in 2017. In the meantime, the cast is hard at work!

The artist is Obsidian Abnormal, and you can find much more wonderful artwork over at The Ministry of Abnormality. Bryan Lincoln (writer/director/producer of Relative Worlds) has been a fan of “O” since he heard him on Extralife Radio 10(!) years ago. It’s an honor to be able to support such a creative and dedicated artist.

Under the “Art” tab on this website you’ll find an image of The Skybolt, also done by “O”. You can see more of the process for that image as well as other ship design ideas over on his website. Character images will populate this page as they come in over the next couple months.

While we’re a good distance from release, under the “Listen” tab you can hear a roundtable discussion from back when this show was in its initial concept phase. Some of the ideas may not have survived, but it will give a sense of the thoughts and ideas that went into this science fiction universe.

We hope you enjoy!

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