Kinna Udaandu

Kinna is an outlier. While most Darshee have a connection to their family’s seerguide, an intelligence that can see and hear through any family member, she’s lived her life without such a voice. Outliers are typically shunned, pushed into a life of labor, and not allowed to marry. This was Kinna’s life until until her own personal seerguide (Udaandu) awoke from its dormant state. Because of Udaandu’s unique abilities, she is hunted by some Darshee and protected by others. She is forced to flee everything she knows in order to survive. She grew up unwanted and unnoticed and suddenly finds herself in a position of power and attention. She must rely on grit and toughness to survive an interplanetary mess she finds herself squarely in the middle of.

Voice Actor: Casey Regan